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the feeling you get when you and the enemy are both racing to capture the final flag point is pretty damn thrilling but also terrifying

Doom Slayer's raging fists
damage: 90000000000000000000000000000 0000000
50% slower firing speed

People call me Henry, I am an above average player and a valuable member of the TF2 community as you can see by my medals below. I main heavy as I like to own all the no life loving losers acting like it's all "just a game" which is really just an excuse for their poor gameplay. I've won multiple tournaments, I am proficient at Heavy, Sniper, Soldier or Scout which are the best classes btw. Spy mains are objectively the worst people. People accuse me of using aim assists or wallhacks, no that's just game sense and muscle memory I've accumulated over 8 years. I carry my team every single time in pubs and I would be top competetive player if I had a good team with appropriate skills. But what pisses me off the most aren't the noobs...

I first installed Team Fortress 2 in 2011 when it became Free To Play. Loved it ever since. The community on other hand... Right after I started, these people have been increasingly popping up... Usually referred to as "weebs", they would spread their gay chinese cartoons everywhere and ruin the game for the normal players. At first I tried to talk to them. I kept trying to save them from the path of degeneracy for years, but the more we talked, the more I understood they were beyond help. When confronted about being borderline child enthusiasts they would play dumb and try to change topic or in fact try to make YOU look like the weirdo. Any criticism of them was met with copypasted "uwu" or some cringy quote from one of their favorite cartoons. Almost like they were programmed to react in a certain way. Whether they were brainwashed by the chinese to fight on their side in case of war is debatable, but I would argue in favor of this theory. Pretty much every server is filled with this absolute garbage spam and propaganda, it's like a virus that's getting more and more hosts.

Communist LARPers are another group. They're idiots brainwashed thinking they're some sort of resistance to "evil" capitalists that provided them everything they have, from the safety and wealth to being able to express their stupid loving opinions on internet. And by who? By the big corporate monopolies that prop them up... The people that want to take all your liberties away and make you a perfect customer, they proclaim "We're the resistance guys!". You seriously can't find dumber people, wannabe commies are the lowest of the lowest. Even below weebs.

I am getting more and more depressed every single day seeing the state of TF2's community. Truly sad times we live in, you can't even play on one single loving server without a freak ruining your game these days. They ruin loving everything.

i kinda understand where he's coming from, some of those players are gay as stuff. but at the same time, do they really affect the gameplay that much? just avoid the chat if it's that bad and that usually solves most problems aside from friendlies.

When did the chat get positioned on the bottom left where it overlaps where your character and your health is? I don't have any custom HUD installed

i kinda understand where he's coming from,
i fail to see how you can somehow manage to agree with this taikwad considering half of it is just him sucking himself off despite only having 3000 hours logged

tf2 has no community and if anybody thinks otherwise please look up tf2 in youtube and look at me in the eyes without going catatonic