Author Topic: Team Fortress 2 Megatopic + Trade: BLUE MOON UPDATE  (Read 9242 times)

I do see how it can be annoying, but i also find it kinda silly as well, like how i had a friendly Heavy on my team who then decided to pick up the intelligence when it was nearby, so the game basically turned into an escort mission as the Heavy crouch walked his way back to the capture zone, which i think added a fun little challenge to the usual CTF gameplay

Sadly the Heavy died just a room away from the capture zone after starting from almost halfway through the Landfall map
im fine with people playing like that. so long as they dont make a fuss when someone else plays the game normally.

i knew the tf team wasn't dead

all of them died except for 1 guy

100% unusual unbox rate lol

100% unusual unbox rate lol

yep. crates 1-4, 82 & 85 are giving out unusuals if you open them

oh boy cant wait for cheater's lament 2


IM loving RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im gonna hold on to this stuff and wait for the economy to get repaired to sell this stuff

don't buy crates ppl gettin banned lol!!!

don't buy crates ppl gettin banned lol!!!
steam is autobanning because people are buying and selling stuff too fast. this always happens.

considering how slow they update, i wonder how long they'll take to fix this one. i bet quicker considering it's burning the economy down. we'll see