Author Topic: Game Night with CBlock360  (Read 777 times)

Alright I closed the server. Thank you all for coming and thankyou for your time. It was really fun and a good learning experience. I've realized a few things thanks to my experience that I will implement in the future.
  • Most players do not want to play the same gamemode for 4 hours straight. People usually get tired and want to do something else. So, I'm going to keep a list of all the gamemodes I have and either post them here or right them down so that when someone wants to play something else, they can take a look at the options. I have to keep the votes a majority rule.
  • When changing the gamemode, I should warn others what I am going to do BEFORE, I change it.
  • Finally, I should have a backup plan when gamemodes break during the game. Pizza Delivery broke when I attempted to change the level when someone suggested a new map. I should not bend to their wants and should stick with it unless the majority of votes rule.
I will be hosting tomorrow, so I'll see you there.

Unfortunately game night will not happen tonight. I have a lot of things to do. I will be hosting next weekend.