Author Topic: Pick-Up Powerups Re-Release  (Read 682 times)

oh look blockland screencap has fps ignore that
This is just a rerelease of the previous PickUp Powerups, but with a few changes. Included are the Health, Shield, Hop-Up (Launches upward), Velocity (Launches in direction of movement), and a Doubler (Doubles Point Gain).

I adjusted the Health and Shield Pick-Ups to function differently. On an unnamed brick, the health pickup will recover 25% max HP and the shield pickup will block an additional 60% max hp in damage. Naming a brick with a number (doesn't matter what, just a number) will change the value of that shield/health pickup to that value (setting a brick name to 100 will make a pickup shield for 100 damage or heal up 100 damage).

Naming a brick with an m and a space followed by a # will make that pickup heal/shield for a percentage. (setting a brick name to "m_50" will make a pickup shield for 50% max HP or heal for that amount).
On the boring technical side, removed all uses of eval.

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love to see updates to older mods, nice work