Author Topic: whats ur favorite guns  (Read 2396 times)

g11 brothers be like: hold up i gotta spin my receiver really quick oh no one of my caseless cartridges got jammed in the 250 degree rotating receiver because its constantly spinning and my caseless ammunition has no heat mitigation!

(this meme was made by gas piston gang)
forget you
forget You

shut up bitch shut up bitch shut up bitch shut up bitch shut up bitch shut up bitch shut up bitch

glocks with those really loving big magazines

guns that ive shot

dangerous as hell but fun as forget to shoot

literally just a modified ar but unloading rounds was fun as hell

i go skeet shooting a lot and managing to hit one with this was pretty crazy

honestly just a good pistol all around. i wanna get one if i ever get the chance to (the glock 19 has a much smaller grip but you can buy magazines that extend the grip. and no i dont mean the extended grip on the right pic)

ive hit more skeet with this thing than any other gun. god bless cocacola

guns i havent shot

this thing looks so loving weird but i want one

some were already posted in here but basically any weird looking ass gun i love

Bullpup gang stand tf up

for reference the rifle i posted fires 12.7x55

brothers be like this my favorite!:

The lack of kirnkovs disgusts me