Author Topic: Strange Bug with Moving Around  (Read 634 times)

Wanted to report a very strange bug I've been having potentially(?) related to my graphics.

You will notice as I move in particularly the easiest place to see it the hand(s) as well as the face.
There seems to be an odd looking trail following the blockhead.

The issue also occurs in a stranger fashion when looking at bricks. (not just this barrel.)
You can see the sides of the barrel colour a hint of purple when moving left to right.

Looking for some help and information on this. Thanks!

This could very well be an issue with your monitor or graphic drivers.

I once had a bug similar to this but it turned out the cable to the back of my monitor was loose.
That and it was a very old monitor so I'm certain that didn't help.

is this motion blur 2.0

It's called ghosting and it pretty common on most monitors. It's more noticeable in Blockland because of the brighter colors and higher contrast textures. You might be able to reduce it by lowering the brightness/contrast in the display settings.
What model of monitor/TV do you have?