Author Topic: Disccusing my behavior (finnaly)  (Read 878 times)

Because I'm never tired
If you’re a high school graduate then I’m a loving billionaire

The more I peek in here the less I want to post

Keaton is black man

why do you spend literally every waking hour of your life posting garbage

why are you still here?

keaton, name that cool document you fill out once a year that results in you getting a lot of money. everyone who lives in the US and is over 18 will know this document by name. in your case you'll probably have to google it or ask your parents, or say you don't live in the united states
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welfare check for special needs children

BOOM SHACKALACKA BOOM thats the sound of the 20 gauge

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! (that's the grenade launcher)

My god the past few weeks around here have been so bad, I'm impressed.
A new low