Author Topic: Is it possible to add new zombies to ZAPT?  (Read 421 times)

I've always felt that the ZAPT gamemode could've used a Spitter zombie (named the Hocker). There are images referencing to a Spitter in the mod's files, however, it appears as if it was scrapped for some unknown reason. But is it possible to add new zombies in ZAPT? If so, then I would love to see a Spitter be placed in the game.

(Not sure if this went in the right board).

yes. check out the current zombie cs files to see what datablocks and class fields you need in new custom zombies. you'll need to exec the files usually in zapt's server.cs and there's probably a list somewhere in the gamemode's code that has all the zombie types so you'd want to add it there so it can be used in the gamemode outside of the spawn bricks