Author Topic: is there minecraft servers like rust?  (Read 267 times)

I noticed minecraft has what it takes to be a survival game but it's plauged by "no grief" servers

Is there any minecraft servers that play similar to RUST where you need to defend your base and loot from other players?

there are vanilla purist servers out there if thats what you mean

vanilla servers without any rules and plugins are usually called anarchy servers so look some of those up


this but if you want to wait 5 hours to get in

this but if you want to wait 5 hours to get in
9b9t then

Short answer. Yes. Long answer. Still yes.

Vanilla survival with PVP is basically what you're looking for. You could even just host one yourself, they're not that demanding as long as you have good internet.
I host several servers on one machine. Mind you it has dual quad-core CPUs and 20GB+ of RAM, but still.