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i cant believe theres a blockland reddit :O


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How come my thread about brickadia was a lot more tolerable than this?

psa block gang yer under fire
Glad to see some people think stuffting on the spiritual successor to Blockland will be beneficial for themselves and the community, and that those same people have such a small quantity of braincells that, instead of contacting the developers to ask about progress updates or any questions/concerns with the game, they decide to stuffpost and try to degrade their already awful forums even further. Be at least thankful that a group of talented people have taken their time to remaster a game that's not popular or mainstream in the slightest, a game that you've shown is very near and dear to your hearts. This has the opportunity to be a much greater and grander version of Blockland. Once they've refined everything and added add-on support, who knows how big it can get. I understand there are lots of limitations with the engine they're using and etc, but if you want to know how they're going to tackle it, ask them. If this whole attack on Brickadia is purely ironic and no harm is meant to be done, then just ignore me. But if you genuinely hate the game because an in development version isn't up to your "standards", stop being so bitter and wait for the full release before coming to conclusions.

And no, I'm not posting this just to get a Brickadia key, I'll likely buy the game when it's released. I'm posting this out of love for Blockland, out of faith for Brickadia, and out of excitement for what the future of these games will bring next.

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when you make such a serious honest post in response to trolls, you only give them more material to work with...

i feel like most of those messages don't mean what u think they mean

half of those are jam jar memes but ok

u can tell these guys are funny cuz they use clown pepe and ironic pickle rick in june of 2019