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Is it possible to win money without spending any, or do i have to wip out my visa.

there are ways to make money from nothing. gathering sweat from mobs. or the oil pump in some pvp area. or working for other players in ways. but way to slow.

i dont think people are getting rich off this game lol. but i skilled enough to make profit to sustain more skilling lol. so i guess it works out for me.
i had a rare gun at one time, i got for 200 bucks (2000 game money). was my prized item from all my saving and looting. i had resold it for 1400 dollars. but thats not typical. overall i must have put in near 800 dollars in the last 6 years. i am lazy and need to skill fast.

this game was in the news few years back, some guy got a castle/house somewhere and paid over 100,000 USD lol.
some people just have money and no other hobbies
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So um, i got the game.
My user name is D0little whats yours