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why do you instantly assume that people will only use firearms because apparently melee weapons dont exist

even if i was under 18 the place where i live has different laws
the federal law in the us says its illegal for anyone under 18 to own guns. and stop saying you aren't under 18 i've asked you already an adult only question and you didnt even answer it forgeter

every conversation that involves some over 18 content you immediately try to put in your two cents as if you're an actual adult and you did those things. you sound like some 10 year old trying to butt into a conversation about love trying to sound confident and convince people that you're even relevant to the conversation but nobody is fooled
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Federal law (or lack thereof) allows peoples under 18 to own a long gun. Handguns, are not allowed.

Also differentiate possession from purchase. A parent could give their child a firearm, legally, just like a car.
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I'm starting to appreciate fusion rifles

A very poor excuse for what is in some cases illegal or at the very least universally discouraged as a violation of basic firearm safety.
So I should keep my home defense gun unloaded and locked up got it.

savage .243

my dad got me this a while ago for my birthday rlly like this gun

smith and wesson model 500 revolver
"the ultimate hand destroyer" -me

but my actual answer would be the beretta 92fs handgun

y'all don't know whats good or bad

best gun is maverick rev-6

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