Author Topic: [RESOURCE] Huge Milkshape Model Pack  (Read 910 times)

first thing: DOWNLOAD

this is a massive pack containing the ready-to-export MS3D files for my last ~41 add-ons (based on the number of items in the pack)

it contains:
- previously unreleased Battlestar Galactica vehices
- all the source models for the Londo pack
- a few unused, unreleased, or rejected Londo weapon models
- a few random item models
- waterpark vehicle source models
- guns, rockets, melee weapons
-- machine guns
--- smgs, rifles, automatic pistols
-- shotguns
--- sawn offs...

there's a lot! these are all totally export ready, so they are good as a resource for vehicles/weapons/items, or as a starting point for making your own stuff. feel free to modify and re-release these! happy 3rd anniversary to square society!

(example of some of the models!)
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