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Zombies Are People Too

What is ZAPT:R?

A zombie-shooting game that aims to make ZAPT funner than ever and to also be the alternative to Roblox's Reason 2 Die.

What can I do in ZAPT:R?

Shoot zombies. Duh. However, you can do way more than that. You can assist your fellow survivors in completing the objective in objective maps, finding rare items that spawn around the map, or just massacre a bunch of zombies and have your teammates pick up your slack! The fun does not stop, even after you die, because you can become a zombie and attempt to eat your former friends!

Basically, this server is meant to be the alternative to Roblox's Reason 2 Die. If you see something like [VRS], or [OBJ] in the server title, then a specific gamemode is being played. There are 7 types of gamemodes available here:
[RSC] (Rescue): Survive for a set amount of time until a rescue vehicle can pick you up.
[SRV] (Survival): Survive for as long as you can until all survivors have been zombified.
[VRS] (Versus): Several players are randomly selected at the start of the round to be zombies. Half of the players in the server will be picked as zombies, while the other half will be survivors. No AI zombies appear, and once you die as a survivor, you cannot respawn. The goal is to wait for a rescue vehicle to pick you up, similar to Rescue.
[RAT] (Race Against Time): The survivors are under a time limit, and have to get to the saferoom in time or else they lose.
[MVT] (Man Vs. Tank): One player is selected as a boss Tank and has to wipe out all of the survivors. The survivors here have lower HP than usual.
[OBJ] (Objective): The survivors have to complete a set amount of objectives in order to escape. This can range from collecting a random amount of items, activating certain things, destroying certain things, surviving on a short time limit, etc.
[HRD] (Hard Mode): The zombies here have the upper hand. Double the amount of Special Infected, two Tank spawns, and bigger hordes make this a mode to test your wits.



There are only 2 people working on this project, so we would be open to any suggestions/help. We are also considering adding new zombies into the game, but the other person only knows how to model. We would need a scripter to help get the zombies into the game.

We also have a Discord Server. DM me if you want an invite link.

Kritical Gaming - Building.

Server Status: Closed.
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this seems like it'd be a fun time! wish u luck with the project

always enjoyed zombie games in BL
although never was fond of turning into zombies on death in any game

I really hope that you've fixed Ryuka's guns because they're utterly gamebreaking to use otherwise. Server looks solid other than that

Server has now been made private for WIP purposes. We just hit a record of 13 players.

make them not do wilhelm screen every single loving TIME THEY DIE

i remembered Hosting this a month ago, it got 32 Players xd

Played this. It was quite fun! I would love to contribute, but I can't create addons for stuff, so if possible, I may try to contribute maps, and maybe provide concepts for features.

Server is up again, and is currently the [RSC] gamemode. Let's see if you can survive within a fever dream.

server's closed now. New map coming soon.
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Why use the L4D pack?

One, none of the developers (now including me) have a good grasp on getting unique weapons up and about, and two, the gamemode is already pretty much straight up left 4 dead.

Server Update!
Whenever you see the subtitle of [MINI], the server is a temporary alternate version due to different computers for the host. RSC, VER, and SRV are hosted on these servers.

New Map Available! Last Harvest is our most open map yet! Come join its big reveal!

Server is up again, and it's now Last Harvest. Survive for 8 minutes.