Author Topic: Pokemon Sword & Shield (New Pokemon revealed)  (Read 5162 times)

sheep are no longer electric blankets?

i want to make series that has dodg with gun
why dog in pokemon tho

Dog With Sword and Dog With Shield designs feel kind of lazy
wooloo doesn't even have anything special it's just a sheep

corviknight is good though. precious. perfection

you offended sheeps im baning you from my arma 3 server

mareep 2, and definitely not aegislash
good job guys

I get that they're going for a "dog with a bone in his mouth" image, but Zacian seriously just looks dopey honestly. Zamazenta looks way cooler.

drednaw is the only reveal that matters tbh

why the forget does the dog have wings on it

its like each loving generation people are sticking random pokeballs into the loving breeder's hands and hoping something loving mutated comes out with less and less quality

wooloo STINKS, where's the drednaw gang at