Author Topic: Take-Two sends 2 private investigators to a Youtuber's house  (Read 519 times)

And this time its about borderlands 2

tl;dw ALLEGEDLY he streamed and showed to thousands of people about the test accounts that were unintentionally shown on a trailer, one which eventually made a private stream which then the youtuber shows the thumbnail because twitch's "private" function hides everything but thumbnails.

He then gets visited by two PIs hired by Take-Two, 2K and isn't happy about the leak either so they sent 7 copyright strikes on his youtube account but fortunately only one stood out while the rest was revoked. Discord account and server are both terminated for "selling, promoting or distributing cheats, hacks or cracked accounts", Nobody knows who actually did the report.

Would like to hear what does everyone think about this before I express my opinion.

ok so heres my opinion
knowing that take two and 2k are absolute brown town on leaks, the youtuber should at least have known better about whoever published borderlands 3, even if he didn't do the leak (originally some people shared about it on reddit and 4chan, which brought attention to the youtuber) he should at least be aware that he just brought a lot more attention to something that the developers never intended to show
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sounds like he broke an NDA, if the stream/accusation is real

sounds like he broke an NDA, if the stream/accusation is real

He wasn't under any NDAs. He doesn't work or have any agreements with them. He's just a fan.

o well then odd of them to target him. likely to backfire and result in the streisand effect