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pokemon snake and pokemon ass

I am convinced gamefreak can't grasp the concept of 3d

this game is going to suck

You'd think the first thing you'd do when you make a pokemon game is make all the pokemon.

please stop posting things that encourage crunch time

like they made all the other pokemon why not make the other ones

I like to start each game with a couple low level mon that I never had a chance to train up. sucks they're removing that ability. these games have been losing a lot of great features lately which is a bummer

time to talk design
the new pokemon are loving lazy and there's no way around it. the starters all have completely circular heads with no major features to give them a unique head shape, their bodies are also just spheres, and overall they look like cheap cartoon characters instead of pokemon. gen 7 had this problem too but it was nowhere near as bad as this
wooloo is just a sheep. comparing it to mareep because it's  another sheep pokemon; wooloo is simply a caricature of a sheep, with goofy cartoony proportions as to make it more marketable. mareep is also pretty goddamn similar to a sheep, but it has different colors and also body structures to make it stand out and also complimenting it's typing. wooloo's colors are literally just sheep colors. and no, the 'it's the early route normal-type mon!" excuse doesn't work because if it was supposed to be the early route normal type mon it would be a rodent. why do people love this loving thing so much i don't get it
drednaw and corviknight are decent i won't lie
yamper is just a corgi. of course, it stands out more from the animal it's based off of than wooloo, but it's still essentially just a dog. i can't criticise it too much considering it's supposed to be the obligatory pikaclone of the region but you can tell they were desperately trying to make it as marketable as possible, both by the design itself and the animal it's based off of (why do people love corgis so much)
the purple thing from the E3 demo, as much as i want to love it because it's not a boring animon and it has a unique typing, sucks really bad too. once again, you can see how desperately they wanted to market this thing, because of how babylike the head-to-body ratio is and how goofy and cartoony it is (its skull is like 5x the size of its body jesus christ). i tried my hardest to appreciate this design but nope, it sux
the legendaries. both are extremely intricately designed, which is good for legendaries, and the colors are nice and contrasting, so it's good there. the shield one uses the shield as a part of its anatomy, which is clever. unfortunately the sword guy takes the lazy route and they just make it hold the sword. they could've put the sword's blade on its head but nah. that being said, it's hard to dislike this one because of how goofy it looks; it's a goddamn dog with a sword so it gets a pass despite being a bit lazy
tl:dr the mons suck and you can tell the designers are intentionally being lazy and trying their hardest to make the mons as profitable and marketable as possible. the day the actual designers over at loving game freak themselves manage to get blown out of the water by pretty much every competent fakemon designer on the planet you know the game's gonna suck ass. especially considering you won't be able to transfer almost half the dex because they're too goddamn lazy to spend extra time modelling, so whoopeee! looks like instead of using well designed and more interesting mons from almost all generations before gen 8 i'll be stuck using this garbage

the anime is better

but this has happened before. how can you be disappointed when this has been a staple of pokemon since gen 1? like i'm not disagreeing with you, i agree some of the designs are lazy, but you can't complain about something like this when it plagued the previous generations.

Out of all the generations, and all the normal to bizarre designs, this just does not seem like a Pokemon to me, this is like one of those faked images that someone tosses together in a few minutes

Someone drew an image of Impidimp and Scorbunny together, and it just feel like Impidimp was created by someone completely different who did not know how to mimic the Pokemon style

Yamper is adorable though, and corgis are also cute, change my mind

I just don't like their sort of Kirby feet situation they got going on

i'm not saying every pre gen-8 mon is a masterpiece of character design, i'm just saying that out of the few they've been showing off i'm willing to bet that it's gonna suck ass
also gen 1 mons usually aren't well designed; they were designed on the spot when they were making pkmn red i believe. they do have a certain charm to them though

i tried redesigning it, idk if this looks good or not

my guess is yours too. i mean realistically they've been holding off on showing us some really cool designs as they've done with previous generations. I still remember when everyone lost their stuff when honedge, doublade, and aegislash were revealed.

yeah impadimp looks loving retarded but who knows maybe the evolved form will kick ass. pokemon with silly pre-evolves usually tend to end up like that. cute -> interesting -> holy stuff that's awesome.

my guess is it evolves into a big bulky purple grimace looking motherforgeter