Should MM have an executive order placed on him regarding political threads


Author Topic: A request to Badspot regarding Master Matthew and politics  (Read 2341 times)

I mean, is master matthew not disrupting almost every thread that has some sort of political slant? I don't think he should be banned, but it's kind of gotten to the point where him derailing a thread is almost inevitable in my eyes. as for the quote, Matthew isn't inherently trying to piss people off(in my opinion), he just can't help himself whatsoever.

Honestly, the only political threads I'm seeing at all are their coming from either matthew or you on occasion. I'm not actually part of those topics since I don't come here for political rants so, maybe? Id also say he doesn't ever really derail topics as most people ignore him or make a brief dismissal post after whatever he says because it's so outlandish. The only topics he derails are the ones he starts.

Thot patrols complete inability to come up with any new good material has been a thing for years, like stuff, why do you think raven never let them in NC? They're not good at what they try to do. it's the "aw stuff here we go again" meme over and over, anyone that actually takes their bait at this point is just part of the problem
Im not sure why you brought this up at all, but I can only assume you think I actually got mad at the more recent weak troll attempts. I did play along for a brief time, but honestly thats kind of the fun of this community. I never took them serious, sorry if you thought I was trying to pit a crusade against them or whatever.

To me it just seems like you're getting upset over another user who isn't even trying to be malicious. You're taking bait that isn't even there.

I doubt my executive order is even in effect but I'm too much of a pusillanimous individual to find out.

It would just be easier for badspot to ban people instead of making an "executive order" that he has to remember for each individual person.

Im pretty sure at this point that executive order has become defunct. The community based on it is all but gone but Id rather play it safe myself. I don't blame you.

pretty sure the executive order on tony now only exists as a gotcha thing to try get him banned but his will is too strong