Author Topic: A Handful of Music From Earthbound  (Read 1031 times)

Just a few songs from Earthbound and Mother 3
Made this cause I haven't seen anything like this on here

Songs include...


A Bad Dream

Apple Kid

Buying Somethin'

Choose a file

Opening Credits


Your name please

Mother 3

A flying whatchamacallit

Run, my dog, run

Stand up strong

I plan to add more songs so feel free to request some if you'd like to
I want to release another one of these with Mother 1 music and some Earthbound and Mother 3 songs

(some songs might be too loud or too quiet, ill fix this sometime)

Download Here
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why is the dropbox link request only

why is the dropbox link request only

I changed the link to mediafire because I dont know how to use dropbox well, I hope this works and if it dosent just tell me

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