Author Topic: Blockland taking forever to open/not opening/opening over and over again  (Read 636 times)

Just as the title says. Blockland has been having trouble opening on my computer the last week. I've moved it to different hard-drives on my computer and even reinstalled a couple of times. My computer isn't a cheap one either so it's not like blockland is a heavy load.

I try to open it and sometimes it works, but it often has a stroke or something then crashes and I have to force quit. However, force quitting doesn't seem to really work because then if I try to open the game again it opens the launcher, but the game doesn't open until sometimes several minutes later. Additionally, if I run the launcher more than once the game tries and fails to open as many times as I try to run, but with the delay. This has been annoying because I'll have multiple blocklands opening at once which alt-tabs you from anything else you're doing.

Any ideas?

Forgot to mention that I can sometimes get it to work, but I have to restart my computer every time the game crashes if I want to open it up again.

Also it works fine on steam

just use steam if it keeps doing this

Steam version has developed the same problem

Repeat the problem and then attach your console log and maybe launcher log.

I've actually now noticed this problem with all versions of blockland. What I've found is that it just takes a long time for blockland to open after initial launch or alt-tabbing.

Repeat the problem and then attach your console log and maybe launcher log.

How do I do this?