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Blockland is compiled for Windows NT, so it's only possible for it to work on Windows NT-based systems.

KernelEx though

KernelEx though
KernelEx isn't enough to run the game afaik

ive ran bl on win 98 before but only v0002 and v1 work to my knowledge

the newest version of blockland will run just fine on windows 2000 depending on your specs and how new your drivers are, and you also need sp4 i think
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Windows 2000 is actually an NT kernel though. Windows ME is the 9x OS in the start of the new millenium that sucked complete ass. Windows 2000 didnt suck ass but did definitively suck in the security department, which Microsoft sure didnt care about at that time, culminating in the ridiculous number of viruses for Windows XP.

In theory, it should be able to run BL. In execution, probably only really old versions. v0002 was released in ~2004 and so should have Windows 2000 support. Infact, the last service pack for Windows 2000 was in 2004.
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It's more than possible to run the latest BL revision on Windows 2000 - see my post in the previous page. I'm going to post detailed instructions once I'm back home from vacation in a couple days.
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how to run the latest version of blockland on windows 2000 - the guide
thanks mac workin for some help with this
note: if you are using a kernel extension such as blackwingcat's (which is unrelated to kernelex, kernelex does nothing on an NT kernel) you dont need to follow this

versions of blockland later than v13 do not run natively on windows 2000 as some of its libraries are outdated and are missing functions that the game requires in order to run. this can be resolved through the use of dll wrappers, and this guide will explain how to install those wrappers into the game. another method is to install an extended kernel which will allow windows 2000 to run xp applications, however this is a complicated process as there are several dependencies that need to be installed before installing the extended kernel and the whole process can become quite messy.

1. ensure you are on service pack 4
  • to verify, run the winver command and see if sp4 is listed
2. get the portable version of blockland and extract the files in it to a new folder (using blockland portable makes things easier)
3. download and extract the DLL wrapper tool from here:!pwlxjCbY!H8_lLXR6sGTZEDOmd4Udx-g2Z4A08cIneKp09GGU8e8
4. run kdllinst.exe from the kdw097bx folder
5. select Cancel when the Detected broken backup message appears
  • you should see a menu similar to this appear:
6. select Refer. next to EzInstall: and choose the root of your blockland directory
7. select the buttons next to User32 and ws2_32 (they will change to say Standby)
8. click the Ez Install button and exit out of the program once the file copying is done
9. browse to the bin\plus directory in the kdw097bx folder
10. copy iphlpapi.dll to the root of your blockland directory
11. run the RunMe.bat and the game should work!!

q: i get this error:

a: this is an issue with your graphics drivers, not blockland. if you are running the game in vmware or some other virtual machine program you may have this issue as there isn't adequate opengl 3d acceleration support in the vm's drivers
q: the console appears after the blockland launcher finishes but nothing happens
a: restarting the game should work
q: i see some white textures (can largely be noticed in the main menu)
a: your gpu does not have enough vram available for the textures, see if the vram amount can be adjusted in your graphics drivers or get a different graphics card with enough vram that supports windows 2000
q: as soon as i place a brick the game freezes and then an error pops up
a: this is the game crashing. this is likely due to your gpu not supporting a necessary opengl extension
q: does this work on r2000?
a: yes
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