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banjo is literally the only thing good about this one along with animal crossing and the legend of zelda games imo

also nobody gave a stuff about the hero (me included)dairy queen i stand a bit corrected

loogis mansion 3, no more heroes 3, astral chain, the third mana game getting a remake/localized, panzer dragoon returning, spyro reignited (more personal & also I didn't think it was going to happen), and also the witcher 3 of all games is coming to the system.

of course banjo in smash, botw 2, and ac were wild

Granted these were mainly games that were announced beforehand, but now have a much further in depth look on especially with the gameplay demos w/ the Treehouse.

want to be excited for a new zelda but i was extremely let down by botw, so i dont know what to feel about a sequel
A large part of BOTWs development was getting the open world, machanics, engine, etc. to function. With that out of the way I feel like they could make a more focused game this time around.

finally a microsoft rep, the one and only banjo kazooie

Now we may finally get Master Chief in Smash!!

master chief got deconfirmed a good while ago
He may have de-confirmed Master Chief, but what about Arbiter? Nicole from Dead or Alive? Yapyap the Grunt from Halo 5? Sergeant Johnson? Or even... the Guardians??? Not the stupid Halo 5 Guardians, but like, the ones you can die from in Halo 3 under specific circumstances

Now we may finally get Master Chief in Smash!!
no more microsoft reps, 1 is enough

no more microsoft reps, 1 is enough
No, we need more, we need John Duty from the Call of Duty series, Markus Fenix from Gears of War, the Xbox 360 avatars, and Terry Crews from Crackdown 3

doom marine for smash
liquid snake for smash
the mysterious stranger for smash

Can we not simply put Keanu Reeves in Smash?

he would be very op sry