Author Topic: [Vehicle] Blocko Dirt Bike  (Read 3234 times)

bro you dont have to respond and argue over something so trivial

you put your perspective, other people put their own perspective in response, and thats it. you dont have to (nor should) convince everyone to think the same way as you do

I didn't really wanna say anything, but if anything else wants to be said between you and kokonut/maxymax can you please take it over to the drama thread? I mean I don't really care, but I don't really want all this clutter on my thread.

I was wondering besides the other version that's been requested, do you plan on making another variant of the bike? I thought it'd be neat seeing a motorcycle or something. Regardless I'm having a lot of fun with the dirt bike.

I've noticed other lego motorcycles that I've been thinking about making after I finish this.

It is not set in stone yet, but I might attempt another. My busy weekend is finally over, so I'm going to continue work on this tomorrow.

Can't wait to see that once it's here.