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Ever fired a gun and thought "i need to limit this"? If you said yes to all or none of these questions this add-on is for you.

Ammo Gun
The default gun but with ammo functionality. Edited with permission from Conan from AmmoBow

Weapon_AmmoGunzip -

Ammo - Bullet (one.. bullet..) Ammo - Magazine (8 bullets in a box that can only physically hold like 3) - Ammo - Box (gives you 12 bullets even though it has basically the same size as the magazine)
Ammo Gun (you need bullets also there's a quick anim after firing) Ammo SMG (you still need bullets but you can shoot fast now(i really need a better model for this(it's just the smg from rtb)))

Kokonut: "borrowing" the smg model from Extrude and creating the ammo model and thinly veiling guns on top of AmmoBow
Conan: AmmoBow
Extrude: making the smg model i stole
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the caliber for this super bullet is 9cm
oh okay, im sorry.
is there any other weapons that use these 9cm rounds

conan that was mean
i mean u dunno man, his butt could be poppin 9cm rounds every time he goes to the toilet

2.1.0 has been sent to glass, adds ammo box