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Londo Archipelago

The Londo Archipelago is a an open-world exploring game by Square Society. If you would like to be notified when this server is hosted, Join the Square Society discord guild and request the @notifiable role.

Cape Gloire
Complete quests themed around conservation. Hunt for treasure and fantasy items.

Frontier Kosmos
This wasteland is desiccated by industry. Find guns and kill people.

Mystic Island and Sinister Valley
These areas offer their own unique adventures.

Ephimos Island

How to Play
• Complete the quests and find the chests. Speak to NPCs for guidance.
• Role playing is allowed, but it cannot be loveually explicit.
• Build your own island if you please. There is no requirement to match the overall aesthetic, but your island should be adventurous.

• Do not kill players on landmasses where PvP is not allowed, such as Cape Gloire or Ephimos. Murder is allowed on Frontier Kosmos.
• Do not harass other players, especially on the basis of their identity.
• Do not spam or attempt to damage the server.

Mega Bear - lead builder, terrain and environment
Jeprimer - lead builder, architecture and design
Soviet Narwhal - co-lead builder, Ephimos Island
The Brighter Dark - co-lead builder, architecture
Conan - co-lead builder, Sinister Valley
Wolfly - contributor, cabins, firewatch tower, and airplane
Id3s0ac - contributor, RV and custom bricks
Edwarde - contributor, earthmover crane and parabolic dish
Cubone and Geben - contributors, Bolopio Isands
Sherif - contributor, barge
Jetpuff - contributor, towers
Demian - contributor, medieval house
Special thanks to torin, tito, khaz, fire vine, khorde

228,577 bricks at launch

Wildlife and Trees by Mega Bear

12 animals and 8 trees by Mega Bear, downloadable as BLS files so that you can use them in your builds.

Animals: Brontothere, ostrich, alpaca, wallaby, mallard duck, dragon, giraffe, chicken, frog, cardinal, pygmy mammoth, cobra.
Trees: Two evergreens, flat-top tree (like an acacia), large pine, large redwood, two shrubs, giant coconut tree.


Installation: The new duplicator add-on is recommended for easy use. I might have missed some bricks when I compiled the required add-ons. Please let me know if I did!

With new duplicator: Place all the BLS files in your new duplicator saves folder. You can say "/loaddup [species]" for easy use. (Replace spaces with underscores.) Place the zip file of each required brick add-on in your Add-ons folder.

Without new duplicator: Place all the BLS files in your Blockland saves folder. You will have to load each species via Load Bricks. Place the zip file of each required brick add-on in your Add-ons folder.

Note the server uses the Londo Weaponset by jeprimer.

Thank you for playing
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yuuuuuup, epic wildlife and plant pack

very excited for the release of this. Mega Bear and I have worked a stuff ton on this over the past few months, and we've had some great help from clan members+other visitors. there's a new item pack designed specifically for Cape Gloire, so you might find a few new items.

i hope you all enjoy! i highly recommend stopping into the server when it's up.

open world bl builds make me horny

The server is now open and will be all day

you have not lived until you have played Londo Archipelago


so far the server has gotten good reception. some changes I have made based on player feedback:

- khorde found the submarine was not designed for jet-less players. I added stairs
- a fast travel system has been suggested. you can now fast travel using the hot air balloons and airplanes built out of bricks, at a small price of 10 points.
- more item save/load stations
- redconer found an error with a quest that has been fixed.
- the NPCs now give strong hints on where to find items

my internet connection briefly cut out, but the server is now reconnected to the master server. sorry about that.

Server went down from a runtime error, but it will be hosted again soon with new content

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