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Hey all,

Some of you remember that we had in the past Earth x.0 forum games where players could start their own country on a new planet, make trade deals, wars, placing news and much more. In the last years I haven't seen any of these Earth threads back. Some of my friends who are not on Blockland loved the Earth game so much because of its realistic roleplaying and events that you can create where other people can respond to it if their country is linked with it.

So after years I have started last week a new Earth game on another forum that has become quiet successful.

A list of Earth x.0 games

I have upgraded the Terra map with better graphics and it looks pretty well.

A new feature I did, spawning a tropical storm which will become a hurricane. If one of these hurricanes hit (H4 or H5) your country, you may lose a couple of thousands of people in your population.

Hurricane seen from space. A lot of work went into this.

If anyone is interested, I could launch this game again naming it Earth 5.0 - Terra Redux.
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