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my theory is a torin alt only because he's the only other user i've seen with a thom yorke avatar
he also had the same avatar as alcatraz aka this guy

he also had the same avatar as alcatraz aka this guy
you mean subpixel

alc and zapk are two very different people

breaking news update!

Viewer discretion is advised

but then a discovery was made...

a plot twist that everyone could see coming!
no wonder he tried so hard to post like tito (me) torin and edd (the three amigos)

^following this stupid ass message multiple based operators had officially taken over the account and changed the password, finally putting socially awkward embarrassing blocklanders in their place for the eighth time this week
this account now under military command

you just gonna keep embarrassing yourself for me?

*walks down prison aisle knocking my baton against the bars** Hey..... celau? its time to stick your fupa in a blender again

is a fupa like an iguana

good work detective tito

pkfire has risen above us all

follow up news report!

according to inside sources, young mr eon has reportedly raided his fathers liquor cabinet and is taking shots while drunkenly ranting about how his stolen account was stolen from him without his permission
an appropriate response predicted by many but still very shocking to hear about

More news coming soon
tito out

*glug glug gulg* nggghhhh block larnd

you're too young to drink >:(
Thank god for that
Well hes surpassed my number of accounts banned while drunk