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page 1-10: the transgender black monday raped a loving skeleton then he regurgitated 🅰️ rotten richard which was telling him that your stuff tastes like hamborger cheese tenders and you are not it! want to forget? yes so motheforgeter please insert your creditcardinformation smells like shrimp said "stick potato and star fish-master." now that loving demon raped me consentually without cum on me so i can summon the green antichrist tvfilthyfrank to kill john wick with band-aids and richard and richard bick mick stick rick. pickle fiddle sodomy up yours edibles from my rooster and his ass cheeks are delicious but badspot forgeted badspot with badspot's son's chair man gina but knowledge was killing everyone so we loving sucked MMMF oversized microphones until 9/11 but they forgot the plot of this plane oh wow, a PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILIC OVOLCANOCONIOSIS. futile obi-wan stripper trying intercourse with watermelons insemnating the fbi-

page 11-20 -while you impregnate the laptopme. mondays okay, lemme hit that p-spot with buckets filled me up with sperm banks and richards but snakees overran my communist boypusillanimous individual smells like chicken maneyouknowsayinmanesmellin'likesomechigginmanechicken breast comes in theoutsideporch and chicken breasts forget, honkeys in the cunts. i'm goingtorunoverbriangriffinaga ow butiwasgettingrealthicccccc uhh can we piss into the ass of esmerelda the gamer and her 12-year-old daughter said forget yourself brother stick figure is my dad. gamers, john are gay & knuckles & tails featuring cherney from huckleberry who eats ass filled ram ranch on a addon because it forgeted mondays homoloveual mom. the said "help me" monday i will commit in real time-strategy kickflip 180 in tony lovey tits tits its. cyberdemon machine tits lactating forgettards tits. who sucked on my cant say or else page will mess up (translation: monday cant say or else page will mess up 2) shubniggurath the kompressor ass why forgeter bill-

page 21-30 -nye the blockland glass guy alexa, play after implosion special niglets im explosion expulsion hydroplosion matter super explosion rap implosion is explosion not outward booming with badspot's enis pener weenie while the chainsaw rips cunts sideways お and Bros go eat kfc. then oatmeal was banned by... macaroni sluts & bitches cheese brother soldiers were fapping to milf in cest epic dogs on my grandmas richard saying awoo, meanwhile... my vip classic club penguin expires on november 11th 2011 on my sun we interruption the sequel part 3. pickle gay fuzztoast loves being forgeted ten times. he chews spicy cookies then whore's minecraft girlfriends died from aids then a korea furry clubs started organizing militas armed school principals with ok microwaves that microwave chimichangas heated blankets covered soviet supreme shirts reeking of cum microwaved cheese slurs that said forget-

ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the- I'm gonna write later again
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It surely has come a long way. Keaton, I honor you for this.