Author Topic: what have you guys done this summer?  (Read 708 times)

visited my best friend
saw some butterflies
went to the beach for the first time in 7 years
got a sunburn
got another sunburn

got to meet drydess and geben in person (Gross

been to a few parties, going to the peak district for a week with friends to do kayaking, abseiling, caving and stuff like that, going to rome with my family for a week and just chilling

luckily i've done my a levels so i have no school work to do this summer (as was the case in summer 2017 when i finished my igcses) until i start uni
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ride bike
get heat stroke
sleep at least 10+ hours a day
practice spanish so duo doesn't kill my family
oh and did i mention work

my summer just started tbh. im in my first week and decided to be as unproductive as possible before spending the rest of the summer doing work. yay

obscene amounts of work and netflix

i checked out this wacky website called the blockland forums

work, go to the gym, argue with master matthew, go out with friends, etc.

Nothing really, took over a month to land a loving job that I finally have orientation for today. Other than that I'm getting a car, and trying to figure out this stupid FAFSA stuff for tech school with my dad