Author Topic: 2019/07/13 - Blockland r2000  (Read 32463 times)

radical update my b-man

Thanks for still caring about Blockland Baddy. <3
BTW, when can we expect MP3 compatibility?

I doubt he's ever going to add MP3 support. This game is old, this engine is old, and he's probably still sick of this game.

We're probably lucky he even bothered to release these few bugfixes.

damn now I gotta find the DLL for client enviornments again

Thank you Badspot, very cool!

CompMix out here being the real MVP of Blockland

Thanks you for fixing security issues!

woooo just dance 2020 for wii baby

when will there be more actual updates

I still have r1997. Updater isn't updating to r2000.