Author Topic: Anyone gonna try out the Classic World of Warcraft when it's released?  (Read 2591 times)

So far the release date is August 27th. Supposedly this is will be what WoW was like in 2004.

It'll be pretty interesting to go back in time like that. Wrath was still my favorite, but vanilla was good too.

Absolutely. Going to try to start a guild with a friend but we haven't decided on faction or server yet lmao

idk what side either yet but i know for sure that im gonna do a pve server because im sick and tired of getting ambushed by rogues or ganked while questing in places like stranglethorn

We're thinking an RP server (Blizzard has not confirmed any RP-PVP servers), so we can watch people RP. We're not big RPers ourselves.

Yup! Don't really have a region or server picked or anything. unless if it's region locked by sub in which case eu.
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I played WoW back during the Burning Crusade era and my experience with it wasn't much of a good time in retrospect. I can't imagine vanilla would be any better, so I'm not going to bother with it.

yeah hmu when you guys wanna start a guild

realms have been announced, which ones yall going to

im pretty dead set on pve servers still. though my brother keeps trying to convince me to go try out a pvp. im not having that stuff right now

i like pve servers a lot more, pvp is fun but not when most of the alliance players you see are 10 levels above you

Me and my friends are going Rp-PVP Grobbulus

i decided on whitemane but I might move since it's full population lmao

it's released now. theres going to be long queue times and lag so whether you want to renew your subscription now or wait is up to you