Author Topic: Error while running Xalos' Gamemode_Stargate  (Read 332 times)

Whenever I try to run the stargate gamemode it crashes the server and lands me on the home screen with the error message:
(Invalid packet GameBase::unpackUpdate())
This is what the console reads:

This isn't a specific issue with the Stargate gamemode, but I think this is an issue with hosting servers with the Steam version of BL. Try using dedicated instead.

Okay so I have a dedicated server up an running (had to go through the win+r method)
How do I join? it isnt showing up in the listings

Join through LAN, the first time you start it, it fails to authenticate with the master server for some reason
Just restart it again and it should be fine

Gotcha, it posted to the master list this time through, and yet I continue to get the same error message. Could it be because of the most recent steam updates?

Yea, I think it might be because of the recent Steam updates. Make sure you're running dedicated with -nosteam by the way. Otherwise, I can't really help any further. A couple of other players have had the same issue too, it seems.