Author Topic: Zombies Are People Too: ReAnimated [dead on bl, brickadia version coming in idk]  (Read 3627 times)

Server is up now. The map is "Void".

nvm back to building for us. :/
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[SRV] in Last Harvest. Survive for as long as you can until everyone on your team is zombified.

I recommend using the Tier Tactical Pack


A new objective map is coming soon. And it's big. Check back later for details.

Man, I wish I can play the zombie game.

will the add-on be released before/when the server ceases to be hosted

Server is up. Survival in Riverside Town. That big thing is still coming btw.


Oh, stuff! Rogue survivors have kidnapped a bunch of hostages and are holding them captive in this warehouse in the Allegheny National Forest. Can you and your team rescue them before you're all zombified?!

New Objective Map (Allegheny National Forest).
New Weapons (M249, Grenade Launcher, Acidthrower, etc.)
New Music!
More Fun! [citation needed]


Man, I wish I can play the zombie game.

fun fact this man was last active back in july and this was the only post he has ever made.

Server is now up, and it's Allegheny National Forest [OBJ]