Author Topic: What were your favorite servers that you miss to this day?  (Read 5458 times)

Jorgur's dogfight on the slopes
we literally just hosted it on v20 for 8 whole days

bluzone, reinforcement's weird rpg thing that he "beta-tested" for like a month and then never hosted again, disconnected's server

Boss battles was always a classic

It's been said but Heed's TDM was a ton of fun

Enough said
this is true but def one of the most inconsistent hosters

T+T 2 is still the stuff period

Tezuni's prison break is definitely one i miss.

Gravity Cats GSF map team deathmatches, sgt gary and redguys city rp for how easy it was to forget around, and I also remember those flood maps sever i joined around 2011 where the slopes would get flooded. good times.

gravity cat's gsf tdms were always the stuff, I'd love to learn some serious game dev to recreate that experience

and pirate rpg, we never got to the new boss and dungeon before heed just stopped hosting it

Blockhead31735's Fishing- Motherforgeter, I know you're around, and you better find a way to bring that back.

Bushido's- Pure mayhem.

Reinforcement's Trench Wars-  Sported a unique spin to the gamemode, including a raid boss.

i preferred greek2me's trenchwars because it was more simplistic and the maps (except for the bridge one) were great. My only gripe with it was 4 teams can be a real pain in the ass because you can get 3v1'd if you're running out in the open with a flag

irk89s ultimate challenge

Battlemix, Tournaments. can't say viso's randomizer since he hosted it a couple days back

Disconnected’s server! Met some of my closest friends on there, would be the first thing I’d jump on after school every day!!!!!!
Hey I think I remember that one! ;)

Challenges and death runs