Author Topic: Blockland tournament idea  (Read 570 times)

I have had this idea for a while but idk if it would work out. But I was thinking of a Minecraft Mondays type style of tournament, although I don't know if the Blockland community would be alive enough to possibly make it happen. How I would put it is that there would be probably 4 players per team instead of only 2, probably like 5 different game modes or something, and it would probably be on weekends. of course stuff can change but I think that this would be fun to experiment with and see what happens from there. If I ended up doing something similar to that, would you join it or something?

sounds neat, could always use a set of good dms. can probably do a server that has both 8 player and 4 player maps to scale up as people join, or run multiple games in parallel.