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half-elf rogue, elf wizard, orc fighter, vryloka ardent

It didn't, but it stunned the thing for a while, long enough for Mufas (the orc) to grab the knifelike clock hands and...

...punch the thing in the face.

Not stab, punch.

With a crit.

He punched it hard enough that his entire fist sank into its head, taking the clock hands in with it, which meant they technically entered its body and it did the whole explodey death sequence thing.

Bravo, Mufas, bravo.

I like the style!
Would like to see more of these, always fun to read other D&D stories.

i bumped it :)
i dont have the same art style lol
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y'all brothers fought in the Bedroom?

Looks good. Waiting for more.