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Dare I say one of the best Talking Heads songs ever, and certainly the most out-standing track off of their 1980 post-punk album "Remain in Light" (released by Sire Records), with an exception maybe made to their other hit single off of the same album, "Houses in Motion". But we're not here to talk about that. We're here to enjoy "Once in a Lifetime". It has a crisp new wave sound, courtesy of the bands bassist and drummer, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, respectively. The song even resides in the Library of Congress for it's historical significance. Some say it was the height of David Byrne's career. Critics praise it as their magnum opus, one of the greatest songs out of the 1980s alone, or even the 80s itself, but one thing is for sure, despite it's quirky video and it's not so lost verse, "Once in a Lifetime" is a banger track that everyone should have the pleasure to listen to in Blockland, so enjoy my friend.

Great song- no mention of Eno’s production though, for shame

Great song- no mention of Eno’s production though, for shame
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it's ok just don't forget to mention Eno next time