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Black Ops Zombies Stuff I'm Making [Suggestions Wanted]

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I have models of a barricade, mystery box, perk machines, and perk bottles based on Black Ops Zombies. I've converted the window barricade and mystery box into bricks. What should I do with it all? Release them as separate functioning mods? Release them as one mod? How should they all function?

The Brighter Dark:
packapunch machine, icons to show what perks you have, support for zombies to tear down and crawl through the barriers. release it as a gamemode

i had an idea like this lmao

you'd want a thing on the display that shows your current points and probably others as well
pack a punch (im thinking it would work good with a stronger version of a weapon pack)
have the powerups do things



--- Quote from: jes00 on July 24, 2019, 10:07:38 AM ---Progress.

--- End quote ---
its a 404 tho
when used in tandem with swollow's downed mod, maybe display where your teammate is downed so its much easier


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