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This is why you don't use the Glass chat, ladies and gentlemen. We were both hosting and playing a Despair Massacre event. Considering I had never actually heard or played Despair Massacre before, I was just doing what was said in the rules. Around 11 PM my time, a couple of people show up, including some guy called Spartan101? He calls us out for overlooking a rule in DM, which is not to RKO and steal items, we go back and forth for a little bit until ( gives in and makes it a rule. No real harm done. Until someone posts in the glass chat that there's badmins in the server, and that ( is giving away admin to anyone who joins. Not really. I am ('s friend, and I presume some others are his friends too, which are admins. Apparently, from what ( tells me, the conversation targeted o n me after a bit. I don't remember this at all, but anyone who happened to be there, please fill in. I loving love the drama forums on a block building game.

you lost me at despair massacre

this drama was completely unneccesary

okay you are foreskingiven

pizzas ready anyone want a slice?