Author Topic: Slayer Pathfinding  (Read 1737 times)

Anyone know how to use Slayer's bot pathfinding or if it even works? I'm looking to make some zombies. They need to break through a barrier and then attack the nearest player.

Fairly certain they donít work. Think Greek abandoned work on them like 2016(?)

It shouldn't be too difficult to achieve what you ask without slayer pathing however.

The normal hole zombie auto attacks the nearest player, so the only thing we're missing is for it to break a barrier; which in all fairness deserves some durability.

These are the events I did, assuming this situation applies

Here is the hole bot breaking a barricade

The events on the hole bot are

The events on the barricade are

You could increase the touches variable count for stronger barrieres/more zombies per barrier

Last but not least the brick the zombies are going to when they don't have a target. In this case is the spawnBrick aka the target brick

ask simba, he is sitting on pretty efficient bot pathfinding code from his afghan zombies gamemode. as far as pathfinding goes as long as you cache as many paths as possible then after a couple minutes of gameplay it'll run pretty smoothly