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500 health
playermodel doesn't rotate actually could you make it so the "hand" node rotates but the body doesnt so guns can spin but not the tree
cannot crouch, can't climb stairs, can only jump 2 plates
limited vertical aiming
cannot freelook with z (possible?)
color of the pine tree depends on player chest color along with a variant which is the default colorset green
slow as stuff walk speed
has a slowly recharging energy bar
jetting makes the tree move at a normal pace consuming energy
doesn't have any hurt sounds or pain emitters (is that possible?)
VERY slowly regenerates health (power of nature!) (i would say repairRate but blockland appears to ignore that datablock parameter)
moving should play very faint leaf rustling sounds (is that possible efficiently?)
third person camera distance should be super close

basically i want players to be able to become a stealh tree as a half-meme
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prop hunt sucks i want this for another purpose

I can do the coding if someone wants to do the model. I haven't modeled much and I'm not 100% sure how to make a playertype.
Most of what you suggested is doable.

EDIT: I've used Blb2Obj to get a model of the pine tree.

For some reason it looks like this though:

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You cant use blb2obj without fixing the model after

I've tried fixing the faces in Blender to no avail.

in my experience blb2obj really screws up the model so you may have to just remake it exactly and uv map it

I've tried fixing the faces in Blender to no avail.
select all the faces and flip the normals

select all the faces and flip the normals
I've tried that.

EDIT: Progress.
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Making good progress with modeling help from Blockland Content Creator's Discord, because I'm not great when it comes to modeling and I've never modeled a player type.

i can't wait to stealthily kill people as a tree in a dm thank you

Anyone wanna make the corners for this texture?

Anyone wanna make the corners for this texture?
If you use the fixed version of the BLB importer for Blender 2.79, that can correctly import those bottom faces with the UV mesh intact so that you don't have to recreate the texture
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I tried fixing the button by manually UV mapping it, but for some reason it ends up warped.