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I've never actually realized that Slayer has no real way of adding lives or team life tickets apart from maybe events that may or may not exist.
An item that when touched checks if the player is in a slayer minigame, then if that minigame uses team life tickets or individual client lives, and if all conditions are met gives the player a life for the respective life system and fades out for a while like normal picked up items do.
Visually, maybe it could be Wolf3D style (a blockhead head inside a shadeless flipped normals blue cube)?

I thought you were making a model for it?

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i was but i quickly ran into a brick wall called "how the hell do i put the smiley texture on this thing" and someone said a vague sentence about pressing this button and making it a material and making a special texture but disappeared back into the shadow realm before i could ask any questions

At the top click the button between the Help button and the "Default" text.
Select UV Editing. Your screen will split into two.
Select edit mode in the right screen and select the face you want to apply the texture to. Also select texture mode in viewport shading(the button next to the mode button).
Now click U on the right side of the screen and select "Unwrap".
On the left side of the screen select the Open button and select your texture file.
Move around the four points on the left screen until your texture looks right on the right screen.
Go back into Default view(the same button you used to go into UV Editing mode).
Select the face and go to material.
Name the material the name of the texture file(minus the extension).
Should be good to go.

or if you wanted to be fancy, you could model on a few black cubes to form the smiley

You could put the texture on and then use it as a guide for modeling the face.