Author Topic: [NEWS] A motorcycle backfiring mistaken for a shooter in Times Square  (Read 1952 times)

and a baby richard ig

Woah what the forget? I haven't been on in a day what the stuff happened
like 800 topics this morning with the usual gore and stuff

multiple accounts, some of them where spamming a key belonging to the newyears account (?idk)

Oh damn thats stuffty. Sorry Donnie, had no clue that happened lmao.

Oh damn thats stuffty. Sorry Donnie, had no clue that happened lmao.
i was having fun speaking to them, was a thread with gore specifically for me but it looked like bad horror movie gore so i cracked a joke about how thats supposed to scare me when ive seeng trans genital surgery..

there was gifs of eye surgery, some video of people playing with a dead body, some guy stuffting in the road while riding a skateboard, 2 gifs of dogs stuffting and a gif of a rat in a blender iirc

there was more stuff than this but everything else was minor
glad i was busy in school

also he leaked scenery's gamemode_tournaments

Also, Sleep has 6 posts in a row, not 5

Lern 2 count, SMH -________-
hes not mad use your remaining brain cells for something more worthwhile

Anyone expending energy spamming this dead ass forum is even more of a braindead retard than donnie and should be shot irl to save the trees

im glad we can find mutual terms

cealu be like "if i cant host new years nobody can *starts convulsing and pissing himself while screaming "THEY DID THIS TO ME" on repeat*"

also he leaked scenery's gamemode_tournaments
that was actually my tournaments. idk he sent me gore too
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there's no need for anything, if you think hard enough
damb that's deeb

i wanna forget sans dude