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Skill4Life's Community RP Map


Originally made this to host my own Community RP, but later on realized I probably wouldn't be the best host for this kind of server.
So instead I'm release the build for public use, with add-ons included. COOL FACT, the build was mostly built in just 6 days.

  • 84767 Bricks.
  • Working Railroad System.
  • Working Railroad Crossings.
  • Three Distinct Towns.
  • 573 Brick High Mountain Peak (9 64x High).

  • Conan, Zeustal, Brickitect, ANT, UngaBunga, Sleven, Sylvanor, Mr.Nobody, Skill4Life.
  • (I think)


  • Includes the save, and required Add-Ons.
  • Water height should be set to 25F.
  • The train & operator spawn in Broxton.
  • The train works via events that are placed on specific railroad bricks.
  • You're better off going through the save itself to find these events than checking each brick.
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Long live Pirate Adventure!

also i removed a couple completely unfinished builds from the map, but there's a couple that are near-finished but lack certain interior parts.
like the entire upstairs of redpine pd

So that's why I never saw it being hosted.

This is a really really nice map

I think I popped in during the development of this map, I think I can get a good idea of how it'll look
But very nice of you to give the save too, so ty for that

oopsies woopsies, had a lil forgeto wucko and left an edited version of the treasure chest for pirate adventure in the files.
feel free to delete it, unless you enjoy having your server loading screen as a picture of the titanic.

Skill pls how u dare abandoning this

Why am I still in the credits?  I didn't contribute to the build.

Why am I still in the credits?  I didn't contribute to the build.
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