Author Topic: So what’s everyone up to?  (Read 1177 times)

contemplating moon rocks

Been playing GTA Online a lot recently since a hacker money-dropped me like $300m while I was afk (I may have let him... :^) )

With the money I pretty much bought some cars and all the buildings needed to do jobs with. Since I pretty much always play with one of my best friends, me and him never get bored now since we can choose from any job type we want now lol, or just hang out and do stuff without much worry.

With the buildings, we were able to grind for an hour to build him up to a million so he could buy his first job building, which was a hangar, so now he can start doing those jobs

Been fun af

im being pulled into a club in about 40 min, as a bar person this is horrible and somebody please save me

Been playing Smash Ultimate every day (honestly to the point where I have 1,000 hours now) and went to smash con and met and took pictures with top players

the government tried to ban me from the blockland forums i downloaded blhack then got back in

logging back to this account that I haven't used for 4 years just to post on this thread.

Something, mostly listening to music and trying to work on my stuffpost style.

(Blue on the right expression sum up my reaction on the left since I thought I had lost progress on that)

eating chicken pie with roast potatoes yum

eating a whole bag of cinnamon toast crunch mm yummy yummy crunchy in my tummy

i just got back from verbally abusing and threatening my rooster because he attacked me yesterday

Been trying to improve my drawing techniques and form and currently heading back to college for my senior year.

boutta eat some bbq meatball sandwiches bitch

finishing that can of ginger ale i mentioned a page earlier