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After playing and enjoying randomizer for years, Buddy and I decided to create our own! This server includes over 200 weapons, items, and melees with 5 modes to play on. Using a custom built map and different minigame rules for the modes, the server does not get boring. This gamemode also includes voting for the next mode, so players have the power to choose what they like the most. We will possibly be adding server music in the future. Downloading Textures and Sounds is required.


  • Classic Deathmatch
The randomizer you remember. One life with random primaries and secondaries for everyone. Time limit of 3 minutes.

  • Infinite Lives
Ditch the lives! Random loadouts with a time limit of 3 minutes. At the end of the time the person with the most kills wins.

  • Group Gun
A fair fight! Everyone gets 1 life and the same random primary weapon. Last man standing is the winner.

  • Randomizer Gungame
22 levels and 22 random guns. Get kills to level up, the first one to pass level 22 wins. No time limit, no lives.

  • Hotswap Hunter
Everyone spawns with someone else's 'elimination' gun. If you kill someone or get killed yourself, your gun swaps with them. Eliminate people with the right guns and be the last one alive.



Download a text document of the weapon list here if you are interested in what guns are in the server
(Of course i will take gun suggestions if you don't see the one you like or whatever)


  • The Brighter Dark - Build Lead
  • Buddy - Code
  • Sylvanor - Build Assist
  • Block King124 - Build Assist
  • All weapon creators who released stuff over the years


I'm going to be prettyv critical in this post heads up.
Using a custom-built map and different minigame rules for the modes, the server does not get boring.
The map looks pretty similar to Farad's parkour construction site from 2014. Randomizer too me doesn't add anything from most deathmatches and trying too modernize and flesh it out into a full gamemode is a respectable idea. But rehashing a gamemode that already had little depth to it won't work. You are a great builder but the projects you seem to take up die pretty quickly because they lack innovation. Capture points had a great map but at the end of the day team deathmatches in blockland get old fast. The random aspect of this game mode won't keep it fresh because too most people it's probably gimmicky. Boss battles is one of the most popular servers nowadays and it came out in 2011. Since its inception, it changed very little because it was a fun and fitting gamemode for blockland despite it being a super simple idea.

Maybe I'm wrong but the fact you mentioned the server doesn't get boring and that this post and the server after 2 days have gotten very little attention leads me to believe this gamemode will fail too. Not that I want it too but it seems like another gamemode that doesn't innovate its source material and blockland right now needs soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning original and fresh.  My suggestion would be to on your next gamemode endeavor really look at doing soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning that hasn't been done in blockland or maybe that never took off in the way it should have.

But again maybe I'm wrong and this is the gamemode people want right now but honestly, I doubt it.

I never honestly found deathmatch servers fun at all, I've even attempted at making a couple back in like 2012 but honestly they're just tedious. Great build though, just unfortunate that talent went into soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning people wont find as interesting imo.

puff ball's is better because that one has a balance of both real weapons and joke so the average loadout gives you both an usable weapon and stuff like a toaster or explosive lemon
here you just get some crappy gun from the bottom of the forums in 2009 while fending off some dude with a way op mininuke sniper minigun