Author Topic: kokonut/maxymax13 - obsessive nitpicking  (Read 14877 times)

see now I know ur lying cuz my tournaments would always be better than yours. go back to the farms
stuff that smells better than stinky stuff is still stuff

tournaments isnt stuff

soviet claims maxymax literally grabbed the  .obj and used it to remodel the vest, come on, stop defending him.
he released the .blend (not obj) for people to make him a cool render
i then proceeded to make the vest by extruding a cube with the mirror modifier
how would i have created something flat and bevelled out of the smooth vest anyways
stop pulling stuff out of your ass

well not proceeded since i think i was already trying to figure out how to slope it by then but the point is i didn't touch his damn model which is a completely different shape

max, make rape mod 2. I'm not asking, this is an order

mr bones just broke the longest posting break in Drama history to say something That Has Already Been Said

it was already broken

no you weren't asswipe
i already told yall that we then discussed on how we would release them