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Hey ya'll. Remember this stuff?

Or more importantly, do you remember all this stuff?

If you do, then you probably remember the universe of characters and stories Menen, NicktheSushi, and myself all created in those interactive forum adventures. We used to spend countless hours pouring over our own lore and mythology, crafting these stories with a lot of scope.

And every single one of them at some point was given up on.

Now the prevailing theory is the right mixture of silly or stupid user suggestions combined with too many IRL responsibilities meant maintaining a forum game was sort of hard to do unless you were Andrew Hussie.

For years now the "menenverse" as we dubbed it has laid dormant, with my futile attempt last year at rebooting it with Untrodden Undertaking lasting the least amount of pages out of all of them.

But yet still my creative spirit yearns to tell the story of this blonde boy and his werewolf companion, roaming the countryside beating up monsters and evil and- no I swear it is not an Adventure Time ripoff.

EndeavourQuest is made with an entirely new art style (while still trying to capture the impromptu aesthetic of the original sprites we used). I'm still experimenting and getting into the swing of the art style, but I've made 8 pages so far of my story and I've deemed it time to share it with some kind of audience, and I think BLF is worthy of being the first, as it was born here.

What makes this comic unique, to the spirit of adventure comics before it, I'm actually using a real tabletop rpg to decide what happens as I write the story. I am both GM and PC simultaneously and it's maddening (but fun). I don't know if I'm the first to try this idea, of course, but I'm sure it's not seen that often.

The system I'm using is entirely my own. It's called DERPS (Dungeon Endeavour Role Play System), you can find the unfinished player's guide here:

I will be updating the system as I go and add mechanics as I need them (this webcomic is also a sort of playtesting in its own right). The system was derived from all the forum adventures we'd done before but refined to be a simple yet engaging system to play easy tabletop stories.

As for the webcomic, now that I've shared it with some people (not just the small discord server I have with Nick and Menen) I'm going to try and be good about keeping it updated. I should hopefully have a new page out every Friday starting tomorrow.

Any and all feedback is welcomed, I much rather engage with an audience as I make art than just sort of shout into the void and hope for the best.


So actually you can. In the spirit of our old games, I'm totally down with folks creating their own OC's for this universe to be used as background characters or even NPCs depending on their skills and such (your name will appear under the comic page when I use your character giving you credit).

You can use either this old base which I will upscale for you:

Or the new base I'm using for the comic (you can also download the .fla if you're familar with Adobe Flash and want to create a vector file for me, you can send it back in .fla and I can import directly into the comic)

Note: I may take some liberties with your character in order to get the positions of items and such to fit within the proportions of the comic. The setting is high fantasy/steampunk tech, so be accordingly with what you design.

Small edit: If you want your character to be able to fight, these are the six major skills of the game:

Speed (SPE)
 - Your speed is how fast you move in or out of the battle. Any time you run away, run towards something, or who starts the battle is all decided by speed.
Strength (STR)
 - Your strength determines how hard you can hit, how hard you can swing a sword, or how hard you can pull back a bow. The higher this skill is, the higher the amount of damage you can deal.
Intelligence (INT)
 - Your intelligence skill determines how easy it is for you to learn new things, understand difficult puzzles, or figure out creative solutions to problems. Having a higher intelligence score makes you harder to confuse.
Ability (ABL)
 - Your ability is your physical prowess and endurance. The higher an ability score the easier you are to move swiftly around the battlefield, climb walls, or do daring jumps.
Personality (PER)
 - Your personality is how you present yourself to other sentient creatures. Your charm and charisma abilities are your personality.
Magic (MAG)
 - Magic is a specialty skill and not all characters will need to use it. At least one magic skill point is needed to do basic spells and more advanced spells will have their own requirements.

Don't get too crazy with these stats else I might have to nerf you a little. Don't worry about class or race stats if you don't feel like reading the player's guide I wrote, just give me some base stats and a weapon or two and I'll do the rest of the work for you.


This is page 1, all the other 7 pages are on here, but I will be updating only the website after this. I'll still post a link to this topic when a new page comes out, should you guys actually want to read it.

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