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Love it or hate it, Tier Tactical was immensely popular. This is an update for a dead pack, seven years too late. Features a multitude of bugfixes and an overhaul of the ammo system. This was sitting in development hell for far too long, so I decided to patch it up and release it before BLF forever disappears into the abyss.

Main features:

* Fixed ammo toggle: Wanna know why T+T1 Ammo never worked? Bushido never coded it.
* New ammo setting: Ever wanted to pretend BL was an obscure (and dead) arena shooter? Well now you can with the new "Arena" setting! Shoot that SMG for all it's worth!
* Easter egg appreciation: Pretty much all the worthwhile easter eggs have been brought up to speed. Bow before the scoped magnum's terrible power!
* Patched ammo system: No negative ammo or your money back! Also should mostly play nice with SetInventory and all those other weird item events.
* New prefs: And there are a lot of prefs. Do you miss your 70 round RPG? Turn those stupid bugfixes off. Ever wanted to give yourself or your bot buddies infinite grenades? Wield an invincible riot shield? Just change your RTB (or Glass) prefs.
* Other enhancements: Completely empty weapons no longer glitch, so no more incessant pistol clicking. Molotovs no longer spam your server like they used to. Some weird modeling errors have been fixed. Unused datablocks have been disabled. Prefs initialize correctly even if you don't use RTB or Glass. And other stuff that I forgot to note.I've done my best to change the feel, behavior, and stats of the weapons as little as possible. The only notable exception is the SMG slowdown effect, which had a glaring bug in it. As for the code, it's still probably a frankenstein mess, but less so. Back up your copy of T+T before downloading this, as it will overwrite the files.


Special thanks to:
Bushido and Spaceguy, for the original pack
Blockland Content Creators, for answering my coding/modeling questions
Any poor saps out there who held out for a T+T update

Change log:
V3 (01/09/20):
Ammo and grenade drops on player death are now combined
Slowdown effect for SMG and similar weapons reworked (previous bugfix didn't work well)
Added prefs for SMG slowdown effect and slowing down when firing LMG
Minor bugfixes for raycasting weapons and ammo pick up
Scoped magnum moved to tier 2
Tier 2A only requires tier 1 now instead of tier 2

V2 (08/27/19):
Fixed ammo pile not giving 9mm ammo
Minor bug fix in scoped magnum animations

... but wait, there's more!
Various extras, customized to work with Kai. Balance sold separately.
As seen on Heedicalking's Siege TDM. Requires tier 1.
The future of warfare, featuring hand-held vulcans and really big rocket launchers. Requires tier 1, explosive 1.
Five WW2 weapons, not enough for a reenactment but oh well. Firerates of the SMGs were changed to differentiate them more. Requires Frog's Weaponry.
Bushido's sawn-off rifle. The Kai version uses 7.08 heavy rifle rounds and can now ricochet, though direct fire has been nerfed. Since it was not originally a T+T weapon, the zip has been renamed to not overwrite the original. Requires tier 1.
An event to add T+T ammo has been sorely missing, so I made one. Compatible with the new ammo types in Frog's Weaponry as well. Also capable of handling custom ammo types that use the Kai system. Requires tier 1.

Documentation for all prefs:
Tier 1:
Name                                    Variable                                                 Type   Default  DescriptionAmmo System$Pref::Server::TT::Ammoint00 is T+T2 style, 1 is T+T1 style, 2 is bullet-hose classic Blockland style, 3 (new!) is arena shooter styleDisplay Ammo$Pref::Server::TT::DisplayAmmobooltrueWhether to show ammo bottomprintDisplay Duration$Pref::Server::TT::DisplayTimeint4Time bottomprint lasts in secondsInfinite Ammo for Bots$Pref::Server::TT::BotInfAmmoboolfalseLets bots have infinite reserve ammoSetInventory Bugfix$Pref::Server::TT::SetInvBugfixbooltrueFixes bug where SetInventory transfers over ammo from old weapon to new oneRemoveItem Bugfix$Pref::Server::TT::RemoveItemBugfixboolfalseAttempts to remove unused ammo variables, fixing some cases where RemoveItem allows ammo of deleted weapons to carry overPlayers Drop Ammo$Pref::Server::TT::PlayerAmmoDropbooltrueWhether players drop ammo on deathBots Drop Ammo$Pref::Server::TT::BotAmmoDropboolfalseWhether bots drop ammo on deathBots Pick Up Ammo$Pref::Server::TT::BotAmmoPickUpboolfalseWhether bots can steal your ammo dropsPick Up Ammo When Full$Pref::Server::TT::FullAmmoPickUpboolfalseWhether you can take an ammo pick up if you don't have space for itDisable Ammo Pickups$Pref::Server::TT::DisableAmmoItemsboolfalseDisable datablocks for ammo pickups if you don't plan to use them, requires server restartEnable Recoil$Pref::Server::TT::RecoilbooltrueEnable screen shake effect when firing gunsStop Anims on Death$Pref::Server::TT::DeathStopAnimsbooltrueControls whether most weapons animations play when the player is deadFiring on Death Bugfix$Pref::Server::TT::DeathStopFiringbooltrueFixes bug where player could continue firing when dead, particularly with akimbo weaponsRemount Duplicate Items$Pref::Server::TT::RemountDupsboolfalseAllows players to make full use of duplicate items in their inventory by making it so that duplicate items do not share reloadsDisable Bullet Slowdown$Pref::Server::TT::DisableBulletSlowboolfalseDisables the slowdown effect that bullets from the SMG and similar weapons inflictDisable Tier 1 Weapons$Pref::Server::TT::DisableTier1boolfalseYou absolute madman. Disable datablocks and ammo types from Tier 1, keeping ammo system and most prefs. Requires server restartAlways Reload (Explosive)$Pref::Server::TT::AlwaysReloadExbooltrueWhether weapons like RPG and grenade launcher always reload in all ammo modesAlways Reload (Other)$Pref::Server::TT::AlwaysReloadNonExbooltrueSame as above, but for crossbow and single shotgunStarting Pistol Ammo$Pref::Server::TT::Start9MMint140Self-explanatory............See server.cs for rest of Starting and Maximum ammo prefsMaximum Pistol Ammo$Pref::Server::TT::Max9MMint280Self-explanatory???Tier 2:
Name                                   Variable                                              Type  Default  DescriptionLight MG Slow On Fire$Pref::Server::TT::LMGSlowbooltrueWhether you slow down when holding the trigger on Light MGExplosive 1:
Name                                  Variable                                              Type  Default  DescriptionDisplay Grenade Count$Pref::Server::TT::DisplayNadesbooltrueWhether to show grenade bottomprintPlayers Drop Grenades$Pref::Server::TT::PlayerNadeDropbooltrueWhether players drop grenades on deathBots Drop Grenades$Pref::Server::TT::BotNadeDropboolfalseWhether bots drop ammo on deathInfinite Grenades for Players$Pref::Server::TT::PlayerInfNadesboolfalseSelf-explanatoryInfinite Grenades for Bots$Pref::Server::TT::BotInfNadesboolfalseSelf-explanatoryClear Unusable Grenades$Pref::Server::TT::RemoveOnNoNadesboolfalseRemove grenade item from inventory when a player runs outDisable Grenade Pickups$Pref::Server::TT::DisableNadePickupsboolfalseStop grenade bag from showing in item list, requires server restartDisable Explosive 1 Weapons$Pref::Server::TT::DisableExplosive1boolfalseDisable datablocks from Explosive 1, requires server restartMolotov Friendly Fire Override$Pref::Server::TT::MolNadeTeamkillboolfalseWhether molotov can deal reduced damage to Slayer teammates regardless of friendly fire setting. Killing teammates still counts as teamkillMolotov Targeting Bugfix$Pref::Server::TT::MolNadeTargetBugfixbooltrueFixes bug where each molotov fire can only damage one player at a timeStarting Conc' Grenades$Pref::Server::TT::StartFragNadesint4Self-explanatory............See server.cs for rest of Starting and Maximum ammo prefsMax Conc' Grenades$Pref::Server::TT::MaxFragNadesint4Self-explanatoryMelee 2:
Name                                    Variable                                                 Type   Default  DescriptionRiot Shield Durability$Pref::Server::TT::ShieldDurabilityint20How many projectiles riot shield can block before breaking. -1 for infiniteRiot Shield Stops Falls$Pref::Server::TT::ShieldCancelFallingboolfalseWhether pointing riot shield vaguely at impact surface can save players from physicsRiot Shield Breaks for Bots$Pref::Server::TT::ShieldBreakBotbooltrueFixes bug where riot shield wouldn't break for botsMedical 1:
Name                                    Variable                                                 Type   Default  DescriptionTeams Can Heal Enemies$Pref::Server::TT::MedicHealEnemyboolfalseWhether players can heal people outside of allied Slayer teamsCan Heal Bots$Pref::Server::TT::MedicHealBotsboolfalseWhether bots can be healedFrog's Weaponry:
Name                                    Variable                                                 Type   Default  DescriptionStarting 21 Gauge Ammo$Pref::Server::TT::Start21Gaugeint36Self-explanatory............See server.cs for rest of Starting and Maximum ammo prefsMax 21 Gauge Ammo$Pref::Server::TT::Max21Gaugeint72Self-explanatoryVulcan Is Deployable$Pref::Server::FW::VulcanDeploybooltrueEnables right-click to deploy vulcan bipodVulcan Slows On Spin Up$Pref::Server::FW::VulcanSlowbooltrueWhether spinning up the vulcan slows you downPayload Launcher Slows$Pref::Server::FW::PayloadSlowbooltrueWhether taking out the payload launcher slows you down

holy stuff

dude hell yes

bushido packs getting facelifts/completion is hella nice to see



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