Do you like the modernized Return To Blockland 1.045?


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A modernized version of the original Return To Blockland 1.045 (2006)

Return To Blockland Classic is a clean modernized version of Return To Blockland 1.045. The game was ported to the latest Torque Game Engine version, 1.5.2 which dates back to May 2007. The game has become more stable, less crashes and less laggy so far. To preserve an awesome mod and keep it working in the future, this was the best option so people can still hop on and play it with friends.

The only features that no longer work is swimming, crouching and sliding with the good old ski. Some stuff had to be recoded in a default engine source. The ski, swim and crouch resources were no longer available on Garagegames. There are also some maps that have been fixed with a better environment looking.

RTB's history
Before the Add-on Return To Blockland was made for Blockland Retail, it was a mod for the prototype of Blockland in 2005. Return To Blockland introduced new features such as more spray can colors, the editor wand to use up less bricks in the server to avoid lag, new maps, more options to make a better looking player appearance, tons of new bricks, IRC client and much more. Return To Blockland had a huge player base back in the day and Badspot slowly started with developing a more completed Blockland version with more features. In late 2005 or early 2006 it became known as Blockland Retail. Return To Blockland released there last version 1.045 and began developing RTB as an Add-on for Blockland Retail which was released in late 2008, a year after Retail's release.

The older RTB community began to move on to Blockland Retail while others stayed behind. During a master server failure in 2010 and a little bit later, most of the last players left the original Return To Blockland.

What makes Return To Blockland Classic important to the original version?
- The game wont crash a lot on Windows 10. (Personally it hasn't crashed for me since the day I ported it)
- The dedicated server of Return To Blockland Classic wont suddenly shutdown because of a memory error.
- Return To Blockland Classic does accept Torque Constructor interiors now (in the original version, the game gives you an error and wont spawn the TC interior)
- Maps can have a much better environment with a lot of effects, this is an example from Blockland Classic Mod and here.

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editor wand time
Join the RTB discord, and let me know when you are on so I can give you the EW.

is it 2012

I am currently working on a Blockland 0002 port to Torque 3D. Might take a long time but it looks promising.

Basic stuff I am doing right now;
- Implanting the inventory system
- Implanting the building controls
- Implanting the bricks

is that the torque 3d demo assets lmao

is that the torque 3d demo assets lmao
Demo assets?

Anyways, I do know why Badspot never upgraded Blockland retail to Torque 3D. You have to edit a tons of stuff and some functions of TGE no longer exists. Inventory works.


I can't wait to finish the brick plant system and Blockhead player model.
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How have I been missing out on this?!
This looks so good.

How have I been missing out on this?!
This looks so good.
Thanks. I had some fun yesterday with building in Torque 3D.

what the forget the water looks very good

t3d actually has some really good water. i remember using it in like 2013 and even then the water looked pretty good
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good job phantos the image is broken

what the forget the water looks very good

It is indeed!

I made some progress today with importing the Blockhead player. The animations do not work yet (no idea why, T3D may have a different playAnimation function)...

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do shapes and images download over the server or do you need the client to have the same shape loaded on their assembly too